• Process Heat

    Process Heat

    Components for process and heating purposes
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  • Heating Controllers

    Heating Controllers

    Our heating controllers are tailored to ensure that heating energy can be used conveniently
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  • Elster Kromschröder

    Elster Kromschröder

    By developing new technologies, we actively contribute to our customers economic success
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  • Comfort Controls

    Comfort Controls

    Saving resources when generating and using heat for process and heating purposes
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  • System solutions

    System solutions

    High quality components and system solutions make it possible to use natural gas economically
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Gas safety, measurement and control

Into the future with energy

Welcome to Elster Kromschroeder!

Our high quality components, intelligent system solutions and various services make it possible for you to use natural gas economically, safely and in an environmentally-friendly way, therefore saving resources in every respect, when generating and using heat for process and heating purposes.

Filters, pressure regulators, valves and butterfly valves, pressure switches and combination controls for the industrial use of gas can all be found, along with gas burners and pilot burners, as well as devices for monitoring, controlling and automation. This selection is topped off with an extensive range of accessories.

Our heating controllers are perfectly tailored to ensure that heating energy can be used conveniently - that even includes solar technology.

In the field of gas distribution, Elster Kromschroeder is the global market leader for bellows gas meters, with production sites on all continents. The gas meters are sold mainly by the companies of the Elster-Instromet group.


Elster Kromschroeder Docuthek

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Elster Kromschroeder courses

Our specialist courses are intended for operators of process heat systems, service personnel as well as planners and field workers.


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