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    Elster Kromschröder


Efficiency is a matter of organisation

Your time is valuable to us


The direct route to the right partner makes your daily business much easier. It saves you time and therefore money. For this reason, we have matched our organisational structures to the specific requirements of our customers.

All of our divisions rely on teams of specialised staff. Responsibility for development, production and quality assurance lies in their hands. In this way we combine core competencies. As a result, you will always receive a concrete response to all questions, orders or suggestions. Something you can rely on.


Our production sites:



Elster GmbH
Postfach 2809, D-49018 Osnabrück
Strotheweg 1, D-49504 Lotte (Büren)
 Telefon +49 541 1214-0
 Fax +49 541 1214-370



Elster GmbH
Geschäftssegment Comfort Controls

Kuhlmannstraße 10

31785 Hameln

 Telefon +49 5151 9572-0

 Fax +49 5151 9572-100



Elster s.r.o.
Nám. Dr. A. Schweitzera 194
91601 Stará Turá

 Telefon +42 13277 52401
 Fax +42 13277 60084





Elster Kromschroeder Docuthek

You can find all Kromschroeder documents here.



PartDetective for selecting spare parts


Kromschröder gas burners


Flow rate curves for Kromschröder gas burners


Elster GmbH

P.O. BOX 2809

D-49018 Osnabrück

Strotheweg 1

D-49504 Lotte (Büren)


 +49 541 1214-0

 +49 541 1214-370




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