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Fully electronic combustion control system for premixing burners

SCOT – Safety Combustion Technology

Elster Kromschroeder developed the combustion system SCOT, a complete combustion system with fully electronically controlled air-gas mixture for premixing gas burners. The system consists of the electronic boiler control KM and an electronic gas control unit CES. This new construction was made possible by the utilisation of the ionisation signal for mixture control. Thereby, the physical relationship between the ionisation signal and the gas-air-ratio (λ) is used to control the air-gas mixture. For the first time it is possible to have a direct control of the combustion quality.


This system is suitable for all types of gas (G271 up to G21), for capacities from 1 to 150 kW, and thanks to the shiftable outlet restrictor, it can even be used for LPG.

In a controlled start procedure the air-gas ratio is enriched with gas during the ignition phase, until a safe and silent burner start is carried out under all circumstances.

Ageing of components and changing operation conditions will be compensated by continuous self-calibration.

SCOT-installations within the european heating market, 2000-2013


Pollutant emissions are also greatly reduced, because the burner is always operated with on the optimal mixture. Every change to the air-gas ratio, which may result from changing of the gas quality or the operating temperatures of the burner, is directly indicated by the ionisation signal and can thus be readjusted.




System structure




electronic boiler module KM
gas control unit CES




SCOT system simulation

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Kromschröder gas burners


Flow rate curves for Kromschröder gas burners


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