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We control your furnaces and your success. System solutions for the industry


Does your production process require homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the furnace chamber?

Then Elster Kromschröder impulse burners are the best solution. The top-quality highspeed burners ensure optimum mixing of gas and air.


Does your process require a defined furnace atmosphere?

Our extensive product range offers system solutions for staged or continuous lambda adjustment or lambda control. The time-tested pneumatic ratio control system thereby ensures that no dangerous excess gas occurs.


Would you like to be able to use the gas type of your choice?

All Elster Kromschröder systems are suitable for town gas, natural gas and LPG. In addition, we can supply a large assortment of reliable gas controls and burners for sewage gas, landfill gas, biologically produced methane, generator gas and coal gas.


Are you concerned about not wasting energy?

The heat in the flue gas can be supplied to the burner by directing it through heat exchangers in order to raise the temperature of the combustion air. Elster Kromschröder can provide the necessary control valves for gas and air.


Do you want to make use of every opportunity to increase efficiency?

Burners with integrated recuperator from Elster Kromschröder allow an energy saving of up to 30 % due to air preheating up to 700 °C. They are used for direct heating or in conjunction with single-ended radiant tubes for indirect heating of furnace systems.

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