Regardless of which fuels you use for heating, at Honeywell Kromschröder you will find a complete range of regulating and combustion equipment.

Process Heat

Thanks to our energy management with a system, you enjoy both time and  cost benefits on your initial investment  and in running costs and also by  improving the energy efficiency and  ease of use of your systems.

Air Heating

Gas fired air heating systems for animal husbandry and horticulture, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient.

Energy efficiency, safety and ease of use!

With precisely this in mind, companies in all industries place their trust in regulating and combustion equipment from Honeywell Kromschröder. We satisfy their differing requirements with bespoke system solutions. The basis of these is provided by the modular design of our product range. That makes us flexible in production and logistics and provides our customers with time and cost benefits.

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