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Where the gas for the pilot burner is taken from upstream of the gas pressure regulator to the main burner(s), the pilot burner shall be equipped with an appropriate gas pressure regulator complying with

For safety requirements pilot burner(s) shall be treated as main burners and,,, and shall apply.

Any direct ignition device or combination of the ignition device and the pilot burner in automatic installations shall form an integral part of the main burner system.

In the case of installations for controlled manual operation, the ignition assembly shall be capable of being mounted on the main burner in one way only and in such a way that it occupies a fixed position with respect to the burner to be ignited.

The construction and location of a pilot burner shall be such that, under all operating conditions, the ignition flame remains stable and of such a shape that the main flame is ignited.

The ignition device shall be reliable and of sufficient capacity, so that immediate, low noise and smooth ignition is obtained.

Where use is made of a portable pilot burner or ignition device:

  • the pilot burner or ignition device shall be capable of being fitted in one way only. If necessary the correct position shall be monitored;
  • the connections for fuel, air and ignition energy shall be so designed that a reliable link-up is obtained, and errors of fitting of connections are avoided.




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You can find all documents here.