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EN 746-2

Here you will find extracts from and explanations of EN 746-2. This part of the EN 746 series of standards defines, together with EN 746-1, the safety requirements for burners and fuel handling systems that are part of industrial thermoprocessing equipment (IThE).



The systems described in KST are mainly dealt with in clauses
5.1 General,
5.2 Gaseous fuels and
all other clauses are thus not taken into account here and are also not listed.



5.1 General

5.2 Gaseous fuels
5.2.1 Gas pipework General Connections Unconnected pipework Galvanic cells Flexible tubing and couplings Marking Soundness Condensate drains Purge points Blow-off and breather pipes or conduits Pressure relief devices and flame arrestors on pipework Pressure oscillations Equipment supplied with different fuel gases By-pass Isolation of required safety devices

5.2.2 Required safety devices Manual isolating valve Filter/strainer Automatic shut-off valves General Single burner equipment Multiple burner equipment Valve proving system Gas pressure regulator Air and gas flow and pressure detectors Air Gas Low gas protection High gas protection Flue gas venting Ignition system Individual manual shut-off valves for burners

5.2.3 Combustion air and pre-purging the combustion chamber and flue passages Combustion air system Pre-purging of the combustion chamber Air/gas fuel ratio

5.2.4 Supply of pre-mixed fuel gas/air Mixture pipework Air and gas supply to the mixture circuit

5.2.5 Burners Main burners Radiant tube burner system Start-up and ignition Start-up Start fuel flow rate Ignition Safety time Flame failure Burner capacity control Permanent pilots

5.2.6 Automatic burner control systems General Low temperature equipment High temperature equipment Automatic burner control systems for burners operating in the open air




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You can find all documents here.