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docuthek.com Combustion air system

The pipework to be designed shall take into account the properties of combustion air.

All manual control devices (registers, valves, etc.) for the air shall be set in their pre-determined positions and protected against inadvertent movement.

The location of the combustion air intake shall be such as to prevent entry of exhaust products, unless provided for by the design (e.g. for reduction of emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx)).

The ventilation of IThE shall be such as to allow an adequate supply of process air and combustion air to reach the burner(s) under all conditions.

NOTE Attention should be paid to sufficient air supply to the IThE. For many application it is recommended to install an air inlet filter with filter monitoring to achieve reliable operation of the installation.

The combustion air system shall be designed in a manner that prevents the back-flow of furnace atmosphere through combustion equipment.

The air circuit shall be designed so as to avoid oscillations that may lead to material defects.




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You can find all documents here.