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Flame supervision, either by means of a automatic burner control system or by the operator, shall be provided during the start-up period when the processing chamber wall temperature is below 750 °C 1).

Any automatic burner control system shall comply with the requirements of

Automatic burner control systems shall not be substituted by operator supervision unless the operator is capable of taking immediate corrective actions during the heat-up phase. The supervision procedure shall be specified in the instruction handbook.

If the design and construction of the IThE is such that, in the event of flame failure, the temperature of the processing chamber walls is likely to fall below 750 °C within 1 h, then an acoustical and visual alarm shall be fitted. The required measures after a flash-back shall be described in the instruction for use.

If automatic switchover is used, a temperature not less than 750 °C shall be used for the switching point. This function shall be designed in accordance with the requirements for protective systems according to 5.7.2 and 5.7.3.

NOTE      For radiant tube burner systems additional information is given in



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Our note on this Standard:

1) The safety temperature monitor (STW) must be positioned at the coldest point of the furnace. The safety temperature limiter (STB) must be positioned at the hottest point of the furnace.


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